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    Management Team
    Kongxian Ding Chairman/Legal Representative/Director

    Mr. Kongxian Ding, born in 1946, Chinese nationality, no overseas permanent residence. The current chairman of the company, legal representative, part-time professor of Wuhan University, member of the Photovoltaic Committee of China Renewable Energy Association, executive director of Shenzhen Solar Energy Association, vice chairman of Shenzhen Energy Conservation Experts Federation, director of Shan Neng Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., director of Jiawei Solar Optoelectronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., director of Jiawei Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., legal representative of Shanghai Haoxuan Investment Management Co., Ltd., legal representative of Zhongshan Poso Lighting Co., Ltd., legal representative of Shenzhen Guo Chuang Jia Wei Graphene Technology Co., Ltd., legal representative of Shenzhen Guo Jia Xing Ji Gu Tai Lithium Battery Technology Co., Ltd., legal representative of Chengdu Cathay Star solid-state Lithium Technology Co., Ltd., legal representative of Jiawei Long Power Solid State Energy Storage Technology (RuGao) Co., Ltd. legal representative of Jiawei Long Power Solid State Energy Storage Technology (RuGao) Co., Ltd.

    Joe Lee Chief Executive Officer/Vice Chairman/Director

    Mr. Joe Lee, born in 1977, Canadian nationality and graduated from Shenzhen University, currently is company's president and vice chairman, director of Qisheng Holding Co., Ltd., director of Shenzhen Cuize Technology Co., Ltd.

    Xuefen Liu Vice Chairman/Board Secretary

    Ms. Xuefen Liu, born in 1978, Chinese nationality, no right of abode abroad, graduated from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, majoring in economic and trade, bachelor degree, senior economist. From July 2000 to October 2014, she served as human resources specialist and property manager of Shenzhen Water (Group) Co., Ltd., and as secretary of the company's board of directors at Shenzhen Deepwater Ecological Environment Technology Co., Ltd. from November 2014 to June 2018; obtained the board secretary qualification certificate issued by Shenzhen Stock Exchange on August 2015; July 2018 joined Jiawei, the current vice president of the company, the secretary of the board.

    Tonghai Wu Vice Chairman/Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Tonghai Wu, born in 1973, Chinese nationality, graduated from Zhongnan University of Finance and Economics, majoring in statistics, bachelor degree. From July 1996 to April 2006, he was the head of accounting, auditing, credit management and deputy general manager of risk management department of China Construction Bank Jingmen Branch, and from May 2006 to January 2012, he was a subsidiary of Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, regional finance director of South Africa, respectively, and financial director of a domestic joint venture; from February 2012 to June 2015, he was deputy director of finance at Siyuan Electric Co., Ltd.; he joined Jiawei in July 2015 and is currently vice president and chief financial officer of the company.

    Liang Bai Vice Chairman/Director

    Mr. Liang Bai, born in 1970, Hong Kong, China, graduated from Hubei Institute of Economics. He is currently vice president and director of the company and director of Jiawei Technology (Hong Kong) Limited.

    Bei Ding Vice Chairman

    Ms. Bei Ding, born in 1977 and of Canadian nationality, graduated from Shenzhen University. She has worked in Guangdong Development Bank, Shenzhen Jiawei Industrial Co., Ltd., Jiawei Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Jiawei Technology (Canada) Co., Ltd. Marketing department, participated in market planning, market development and other work. Current vice president of the company.

    Junxian Liu Vice Chairman

    Mr. Junxian Liu, born in 1966, is of Chinese nationality and has no right of abode abroad. He used to serve as senior management at Sony and the UK Bai Union line Group; deputy general manager of Shan Neng Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Current vice president of the company.

    Ruibo Liu Director

    Mr. Ruibo Liu, born in 1963, bachelor degree, first-class registered builder, registered cost engineer, economist. He has served as deputy chief of planning branch of Anhui Electric Construction Company, deputy minister of contract, vice president of the general manager of ZHENFA New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and chief procurement officer of ZHENFA Group. Current director of the company, general manager of Jiangsu Huayuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

    Qian Liao Independent Director

    Mr. Qian Liao, born in 1980, graduated from Yunnan University with a master of laws and holds a professional qualification certificate in Chinese law. From August 2006 to February 2014, he served as senior manager at Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd., and general manager of the financial advisory department of Guotai Junan International Holdings Limited; and director of the customer department of Shenzhen headquarters in Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd., engaged in investment banking in Hong Kong and China. March 2014, he joined TCL Group Co., Ltd., has been the company's board secretary since April 2014, and has been a member of the company's executive committee since December 2014. He has been a director of TCL Communications technology since May 2015. Director of TCL Financial Holdings (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. since September 2015. Director of TCL Intelligent Home Technology Co., Ltd. since November 2015. Director of TCL Holdings subsidiary Hanlin Hui Information Industry Co., Ltd. and Huizhou Ku You Network Technology Co., Ltd. since March 2016. July 2016 served as director of Subida CJ GLS Co., Ltd., TCL Holdings subsidiary. August 2016 he has been a director of TCL Holdings subsidiary Hao Ke Interconnection Co., Ltd., and TCL Culture Media (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Since January 1, 2017, he served as chairman at TCL Tong Li Electronics and TCL Hua Xian Optoelectronics. He served as non-executive director of Fantasia Holding Group Limited since March 31, 2017. The current independent director of the company.

    Qiagnshi Chen Independent Director

    Mr. Qiangshi Chen, born in 1972, Chinese nationality, bachelor degree, Certified Public Accountant, registered asset appraiser. He has served as project manager for Shenzhen Dahua Tiancheng accounting firm, as finance manager of finance center and manager of audit department of Beijing Tianyi All-accounting firm (Special General Partnership) in Shenzhen branch office. He is currently the deputy Director of Shenzhen branch of Beijing Tianyuan All-accounting firm (Special General Partnership). To be an independent director of the third board of directors of the company.

    Sheng Mao Director of the Supervising/Supervisor

    Mr. Sheng Mao, born in 1969, American nationality with a engineering PhD degree. Expert on the Thousand People Program, dean of the Shenzhen Institute of Innovative Energy, and professor at the University of California, Berkeley; honorary professor of University of Queensland. Before he established the Institute of Innovative Energy in 2013, he was a lifelong researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the United States, director of the Berkeley center for clean energy engineering, a member of the technical committee of the United States department of energy, a member of the project review committee, a member of the fund and an observer of the national laboratory, co-founder of the international conference on transparent conductive materials and the international symposium on renewable energy. The current chairman of the supervisory board of the company.

    Xiaoqing Huang Supervisor

    Ms. Xiaoqing Huang, born in 1976 with Canadian nationality, graduated from the department of electronic engineering, Shenzhen University. Joined the company's branch in Canada in August 2008 and has been working in the North American market. She is currently the company's supervisor, and has been the company's president assistant since January 2011.

    Le Lee Staff representative supervisor

    Mr. Le Lee, born in 1983, Chinese nationality, no overseas permanent residence, graduated from Xiangtan University Vocational and Technical College with college degree. From August 2005 to May 2007, he worked as the head of administrative management in Huai'an environmental protection company of Jiangsu province. From June 2007 to May 2009 in Shenzhen Avic Property (under the China Aviation Technology International Limited formula under the Shenzhen AVIC Group) as equipment engineer; May 2009 he joined Jiawei, currently served as staff representative supervisor as well as supply chain quality manager of the company.

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